High Noon, Lake Bogoria

A quick al fresco lunch at Lake Bogoria National Park, Kenya–where Moses (pictured finishing off his sandwich) and I went in search of greater kudu antelope. Luckily, we found them, a magnificent herd with several big males sporting handsome sets of spiraling horns. Right at this spot, I saw my first Silverbird (Empidornis semipartitus), a distinctive silvery-grey flycatcher with an orange throat and breast. Throughout my stay at Bogoria, countless thousands of swallows filled the air around the lake, while the surface of the water churned with what looked like a peculiar, seething sludge: a bloom of lake flies. Other notable birds encountered included: spur-winged geese, Cape teal, crowned cranes in flight, gray hornbill, Nubian woodpecker, yellow wagtail, and of course, those famous lesser flamingos.


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