Charles Alexander

cropped-close-to-finish.jpgThough I have experienced many fascinating places both at home in the USA and abroad, the foundation of my life as an artist rests firmly on my field work in East Africa. This is the landscape of my childhood dreams come to life– and a place where the sheer variety and abundance of living things are beyond even a child’s imagination. Experiencing this place first hand has brought my life full circle.

I am currently in the process of creating new works based upon my field work in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Subjects of these new poems, essays, and paintings include the region’s profound landscapes and amazing wildlife dramas–hyenas hunting flamingos, jackals fighting vultures, a mother cheetah teaching her young ones to kill, mountain gorilla families, the chaos of the migration river crossings– to name just a few.

Please keep checking back as new pieces are added to my site. Thank you for your interest in my work!!

Charles Alexander


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  1. Charles, this blog is extraordinary. I hope it is okay to share with my Facebook friends. You are amazingly talented. I am sitting here reading and crying. And crying some more. Sara Fryd

  2. Dear Charles,
    My daughter Stellar (7 yrs old) is working on a school project featuring the Serval cat. We came across one of your pictures online. She would very much like to use it in her project, but when I explained what a copyright was, she wanted me to write you before she went ahead and used your picture. She is going to put it on a posterboard with a drawing of a Serval she has made. Her name is Stellar and she was asking permission to “borrow” the photo. She is also curious if you have seen one live, and if you had any comments or observations that she could add about Servals. If you do not want her to use it, just let us know. Thanks and great work on your blog!

    Pat B.

    • Hi Pat– Sorry I missed this comment! I’ll bet Stella is already out of school for the year– but yes, you may use the photo for a project. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if I can be of help in the future.

  3. It has been a dream and goal of mine to one day live and work in East Africa; to get to know her people and places, cities and rural places and to acquaint myself with those beloved giants, the Gorillas. This site makes it possible to keep those dreams a reality and a goal. Thank you Mr. Alexander.

  4. I was working the information desk at the Stark Museum on a couple of the days you were visiting. You showed interest in the Dunton animal studies. I mentioned this to my superior. She said that if you applied for permission to research his work, you would be allowed to see all of his work we have in the vault. I was completly blown away by your wildlife paintings. It is almost a sin to have that much talent when some of us can’t draw a decent stick figure! If you are in Texas again, be sure and stop in and visit us.

  5. Hey Charles, Nino here. We met at the Houston Zoo taking pictures of Shasta and Haley. Your work is phenomenal! Very realistic! I can’t wait to see what you come up with using the pictures you took of them.

  6. Do you do Uganda trips like mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi, Visit to Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls N.Parks?

    I like this country because of her highest primate destination compared to other Africa countries!! The other thing is that this peral of Africa as some people refer to it is not congested by many tourist vehicles in the parks!! That’s what my friend recommen about this country.

  7. Alexander, what can I say. Amazing work! I also work with wildlife but as a safari guide and run safaris al over East Africa. When you are next in Kenya give us a shout it would be great to meet and maybe share the pation we both have for the wild continent. All the best. Alexander Rostocil

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