Recommended Reading: A Few East African Classics I

Shelf in studio armoire– a rhino carving and goatskin drum that I’ve had since early childhood, a Masai bracelet from Olduvai Gorge, a selection of favorite books, including:

The Flame Trees of Thika and its sequel The Mottled Lizard by Elspeth Huxley–both superbly written memoirs of a pioneering family in Kenya just before and after World War I.

Among The Elephants by Ian and Oria Douglas-Hamilton– a famous (and highly readable) account of a study of elephant behavior at Lake Manyara, Tanzania during the 1960’s and 70’s.

Bwana Game by George Adamson– an autobiography covering Adamson’s little-known early years in Kenya, starting in the 1920’s, and ending with the rehabilitation of the lions used in the filming of the movie Born Free.

My Serengeti Years by Myles Turner– written by the first warden of the Serengeti National Park, a fascinating story of how the park was established.

Safari by Bartle Bull- wonderful illustrated history of the safari: tales of adventure in an as-yet unspoiled Africa, dozens of vintage photos and early paintings of African wildlife. Instant classic!